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AmeriRoom Reservations

Discount room reservations may be made by calling:
1-(800) 888-5825
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday through Friday
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*Beware of Hotel Scams! AmeriRoom Reservations is the official hotel reservations vendor of Triple Play

Shuttle Trolley

If you are staying at one of the official convention hotels, free shuttle trolley service between your hotel and the Atlantic City Convention Center is available.

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Atlantic City shopping offers it all. It’s the seashore resort famous for the world’s first Boardwalk, gambling, plentiful dining, exciting entertainment, and a unique nightlife. The city also offers plenty of high-end retail options, brand-name discount outlets and everything in between.


Atlantic City restaurants really do have it all, from Chinese to Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine. Dining options vary from old-fashioned supper clubs, famous-name themed restaurants and sophisticated gourmet rooms.
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