2019 Convention Session

Contracts for the Win: Negotiation and Contract Tools for Success

12-10-2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

NJRE - 3 Core
NYRE - 3 Credits
PARE - 3 Credits

Ever heard “Well, the contract says . . .” and wanted to scream? We’ve all been there. Despite the undisputed importance of contracts, many licensees don’t understand basic concepts—much less how to best use them. In this session, you’ll: gain clarity regarding offer and acceptance; learn to avoid the practice of law; discover ways of framing offers to increase acceptance; maximize your ability to negotiate items such as repairs after contract; and learn to diminish disputes so closing can happen.

Continuing Education
  • New Jersey Real Estate - 3 Core Credits
  • New York Real Estate - 3 Credits
  • Pennsylvania Real Estate - 3 Credits
Session Handouts